Educational Status in Bangladesh

Whether Right or Not?


  • Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman Deputy Commissioner, Naogaon


Education has been described as right in Article 26 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(UDHR) while education is still known to all as one of the basic needs (food, cloth, shelter,
education, Medicare and recreation). Right, on the other hand, is legally protected interest,
that is, enforceable in the court of law. It is generally speaking that education is not opportunity
rather than right. But the article is making an attempt to find out whether ‘Education’is, in fact,
right or not particularly in case of Bangladesh. It is specially mentioned that ‘‘Education” has
been provided in the 3rd part “The Fundamental Principles of State Policy” in the constitution
of Bangladesh but not in the chapter of ‘Fundamental Rights’. As education is not enshrined
in the part of ‘Fundamental Rights’ in Bangladesh Constitution, education cannot be claimed
as of right like human rights. Attempt will be made to recognize ‘Education’ as right so that
both the government and individual may sue against with each other in the event of humiliating
mutual interest in point of education. In consequence, proper education will take its proper
shape and illiteracy will be removed from Bangladesh and elsewhere in the globe. And in fine,
education will be able to take legal form resulting that all segment of people will be bound to
be really educated. Education referring to in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (goal
No, 4) must be given the status of fundamental might so as to earn cent percent literacy rate
in line with Vision 2021. So education should be given legal statues so as to guarantee
education for all being enforceable in the court of law.