Challenges of Career Development in Bangladesh


  • Md. Shafiul Islam, Ph.D Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Rajshahi Bangladesh.


Career Development, Planning, Education, Bangladesh


Sustainable development is very important for developing countries like
Bangladesh for peaceful life of its citizens. For this, it needs planned development
process and to materialize this process, skilled human resources are necessary. Therefore,
planning for skilled human resource is pivotal and one of the major essential components
for sustainable development. It is also a part of individual’s career development plan. As
planning is very important to run or manage an organization properly, it is also essential
for every human being to chalk out a career plan that is needed not only for his or her
own but for family, society as well as national development. Moreover, career planning is
very important for skilled human resource which is indispensible for development of a
country. Presently, Bangladesh is enjoying ‘demographic dividend’ and it is said that if
this opportunity is capitalized, it would bring rapid national development as expected and
set by the vision 2021. But is there any formal career planning mechanism in
Bangladesh? Is there any specialized institution in the country which can play vital role to
design career for human resource development? What are the essential components for
career planning? Are the existing institutions playing their proper role for career planning
or development in the country? This article explores answers to these questions and finds
that there is neither formal mechanism nor specialized institution in the country.
Educational institutions are playing limited role in this regard. They provide certificates
as a qualification for career development or employment. Some private institutions are
offering career planning tips commercially. Methodologically, however, this scholarship
is qualitative in nature and both primary and secondary data have been used to prepare
this article.