Evaluation of the Performance of Innovation Teams in Public Organizations


  • Mr. Sultan Ahmed Additional Secretary (Reforms), Cabinet Division
  • Dr. Md. Mushfiqur Rahman Joint Secretary, Cabinet Division
  • Mr. Md. Khalilur Rahman Joint Secretary, Cabinet Division


Innovation, Innovation team, Service delivery, Performance


This paper aimed at evaluating the role of innovation teams in facilitation of
innovation in public service delivery in Bangladesh through analyzing the current
responsibilities of innovation teams along with the challenges and prospects. This
paper is based on data from both primary and secondary sources. Three sets of semi
structured questionnaires and focus group discussions were used to collect primary
data. Accordingly secondary data were collected from all relevant sources. The
study has revealed that the roles of innovation teams are not always supportive to
innovation and the innovation guidelines are not followed properly in many cases.
The innovation teams are not active and well-motivated. The study also identified
that there is a shortage of budget for innovation and the innovation teams have lack
of capacities and incentives. Based on the key findings some recommendations
were drawn which include allocating sufficient budget to the government agencies
for innovation, developing a comprehensive guideline, providing incentives to the
innovation team members, developing capacity of the innovation team members
and developing an M&E framework for effective implementation of innovation in
public service delivery in Bangladesh.