Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund Policy

Challenges and Way Forward


  • Saleh Ahmed Mujaffor Director (Joint Secretary), BCS Administration Academy


Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT), Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF)


Off late, climate change is seen as the most perplexing worldwide threat to
international humanity. So increasing and quicker the climate changes, the more
possible it is that they will h ave a detrimental impact. The global community
always acknowledges that Bangladesh tops the list on the world's most endangered
nation’s index. Given recent achievements to economic development, Bangladesh
faces difficulties raised by global warming in its ability to maintain its growth.
The Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF) was established from the
country's budget in 2010 to execute the implementation plan outlined in BCCSAP.
To manage the fund, Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) has been set up
under Bangladesh Change Trust Act 2010. Both BCCSAP and BCCTF have been
considered a unique initiative to address climate change. A strong demand has been
put to the forefront to assess with appropriate tools and frameworks the
effectiveness of the outcomes of BCCTF spending. Effective and efficient
utilization of it is very much important. So it is important to identify the
shortcomings of fund allocation practice and procedure of BCCTF whether
reduction of fund allocation influencing effective utilization of BCCTF