Effect of Age of the Coastal People on Media-response to Cyclone Warning in Bangladesh


  • Shaikh Muhammad Refat Ali 60 1. Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment


Cyclone, Bangladesh, Electronic media, Media response, Coastal People, Forest


Historically, cyclones are the major killer in the coastal region of Bangladesh.
Electronic media broadcast cyclone warning and related messages to all concerned
people. The study explores the relationship between the age of the coastal people of
Bangladesh and their media-response to cyclone warning. This study followed a
questionnaire-based quantitative survey at four randomly selected coastal districts
of Bangladesh. All electronic media available at the study area are taken into
account. Key findings show that youths have a higher rate of ownership of FM radio
set. Usage of TV and FM radio is decreased with age. Lack of understanding of the
signals number by the old people (13.33%) and children (14.29%) makes them
vulnerable. Despite simultaneous broadcasting of forecast message, only 43% of
the respondent went to a shelter house during cyclone Mora in 2017. Media schedule
and programs may be organized based on the findings to reach people of all ages.
Multi-media approach to reach different group of people, utilization of central-local
source of information, AM radio set distribution among the fishermen community,
customized broadcasting and easy to follow message development are suggested to
overcome the barriers in harmony to the ‘leave no one behind’spirit of the SDGs