A Study on Training Needs of the Entry-level Officers of Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) Cadre in Achieving ‘Vision 2041’


  • Hassan Md. Mahmudul Additional Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration


In this research, training needs are assessed to highlight areas of competencies i.e. knowledge and
skills that entry-level officers of BCS (Admin) cadre have to acquire through up-to-date training in
attaining ‘Vision 2041’ of Bangladesh. This research draws some insights into training needs to
update curriculum to make them competent for performing their functions to build a developed
nation. This study applied multiple methods in collecting data and information such as focus group
discussion (FGD), questionnaire survey, literature survey, the charter of duties of civil servants at
the ministry, district and (Upazila) to analyse the roles and responsibilities of officials. This study
suggests redesigning training framework and updating the existing curriculumn to fill up
competency gap based on the goals and targets of the government considering cross-cutting
issues of the contemporary world. The curriculum of Law and Administration Training Course
(LAC) of Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy (BCSAA) needs to focus more on
Innovation and Change Management, Digital Public Service Management, Development Studies
and Challenges of the fast transforming knowledge economy to make the course functional, needbased, and result-oriented