Achieving Sustainable Social Safety Nets in Bangladesh


  • Sultana Mallik Nahid Deputy Secretary, Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh


Social protection, safety net program, , inclusion/exclusion errors, means test and proxy means.


Government of Bangladesh has been distributing cash, food or both through different social
safety net programs since the independence in 1971. This article is an attempt to discuss
whether those safety net programs are achieving socio-economic sustainable development
or not for the vulnerable people of the country. The study has been done based on the
information gathered from secondary sources like articles of different scholars, government
publications, and study reports of NGOs and so on. Most of the studies followed the
quantitative methods for assessing successes and failures of the safety net programs.
However, this article is dedicated to assess the current social security policies, to analyse the
budget and performance of the social safety net programs, to find out the effectiveness
safety net programs in reducing the poverty and ensuring social security for the vulnerable
and poor people of Bangladesh and also to make suggestions for the successful
implementation of the programs and sustainable policy design.